Ajax Live Search Features

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Search logs

See what your users are searching for and generate new content ideas. You can download these logs and import them into your favorite keyword research tool.

Search Suggestions

Your users get search suggestions as they type. Just like Google does it. These suggestions can be loaded from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia or from previous searches on your website.

Ajax Search

Speeds up searches by loading search results without reloading the page.

Live Search

Your users get search results while they are still typing.


Search results are sorted by relevance and you have complete control over how relevance is calculted.

Faster than light.

Ajax Live Search is lightweight and caches search results in order to speed up searches and reduce the load on your server.

Highlights Search terms

The searched terms are highlighted on the search results page.

Smart search engine

This plugin understands English and other popular languages hence A search for building also searches for build, builder, buildings etc.

Earn Money

Increase earnings from your affiliate campaigns by upto 326% by displaying sponsored results above normal search results.

Complete control

Decide what appears in the search results and how it's weighted. Exclude individual post types, posts, categories or tags from search results.

Searches shortcode content

Ajax Live Search searches shortcodes and displays them on search results pages.

Boolean search

Let your users use search operators to make it easier to find what they are searching for. Here is a complete list of all the search operators.

You can use Ajax Live Search on large websites without fear of overworking your server because it's lightweight and does not include server intensive features such as PDF indexing.

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