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About Ajax Live Search

By default, WordPress sorts search results by date instead of relevance. It also uses a weak algorithym, meaning that users are more likely to view useless results at the top of the page while the relevant results are not even on page one. That's where ajax live search comes in.

Apart from adding relevance based search, it comes with a couple of other functionality such as live searching, ajax searching, autocompletes and query logging. You can check the features page for a full list of features.

You can contribute to ajax live search development by opening an issue or submitting a pull request.

Currently, ajax live search only works on WordPress websites, but plans are underway to support other platforms. If there is any platform that you would like us to support then submit please contact us. Nonetheless, you can port ajax live search to another platform then submit it and we will happily add a link to it.

Future Platforms

Joomla - First release expected in August 2019.

Drupal - First release expected in January 2019.

Stand-alone script - First release expected in September 2019.