Ever Wondered what people search for when they visit your website?

This WordPress plugin not only gives you this information but also ensures that your visitors get relevant results as fast as possible.

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Ajax live search view searches

No More Being In The Dark.

Ajax live search shows you all the popular searches that have few search results so that you can get ideas for your next blog post or WooCommerce product.

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Despite all the features; you still get a lightweight plugin at a surprisingly low price!

Provide relevant results to your users.

The first thing you notice after using WordPress is how irrelevant its search results are. Ajax Live Search fixes this by displaying the most relevant results at the top of other search results to ensure that your visitors find what they need. In addition; you can assign different weights to different post types and fields such as titles and content.

Earn Money.

You can enable sponsored results and earn money from your affiliate or paid links. This feature can potentially double your earnings since your visitors will be in buying mood by the time they see the link.

Speed up your WordPress website.

The plugin is lightweight and uses state of the art ranking algorithyms to ensure that your visitors get their results fast. In addition, results are cached to speed up searches even further.

Go Modern

Take advantage of modern features such as ajax search, live search and query completions. These features fetch search results via ajax to ensure that your visitors get their results without reloading the page. This also reduces your server load and bandwidth.

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This is the best plugin I have bought in a while. I nolonger waste time researching new content ideas. All I do is take a look at the search log and write about what most of my users are searching for.

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$19 BUY NOW!