Lots Of Features

Some of these features are only available on the premium version of this plugin.

Query Logging

Get to know what your users are searching for.

Query Completion

Your users get query suggestions as they type

Ajax Search

Users see search results without reloading the page

Live Search

Users get search results while they are still typing. Think Google Instant!


Search results are 80% more relevant than the inbuilt WordPress search

Query Caching

Users get search results at the speed of light, with no extra server load on your part

Custom Snippets

Show the matched part in the snippet and highlight the matched words

Mulitsite Ready

No compatibility issues when using it in a multisite environment

Query Correction

Implement Google's "Did you mean" feature when a user's query returns few results.


UpTo 10 preloader images to be used when you enable ajax/live search feature.

Smart Search

A search for building also searches for build, builder, buildings etc.

Fuzzy Search

Falls back to fuzzy search when no post matches the user's query.

WordPress Search

Falls back to inbuilt search when no post matches the user's query.

Root Relevance Editor

You get the ability to edit weights for individual post types and fields (title, url, excerpt, content, comments).

Favor Recent Posts

You can enable this to give more weight to newer posts.

Favor Popular Posts

You can enable this to give more weight to most commented posts.

100% Compatibility

Compatible with all themes; except Avada which apparently has its own search system. Talk about not following WordPress standards of Presentation vs Userbility.

Plug And Play

No more manual indexing.

CSV imports

Import your previous searches for offline manipulation or research in Google Keyword Planner.

Sponsored results

Increase affiliate/advertising revenue by displaying sponsored results above normal results .

1-1 Support

24/7 Email support available for Premium Version Owners.

5* Rating

Try it out and you will see why it has the hype.

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