Features of Ajax Live Search

Ajax Live Search brings a lot of features to your WordPress blog while being lightweight at the time. Below are a few of the things that you will get by using this plugin.

  1. Query logging. Know exactly what your users are searching for. This enables you to come up with new content or product ideas. You will no longer spend your time writing blog posts that no one reads.
  2. Sponsored results. Are you an affiliate marketer? Earn money by displaying affiliate results above normal search results. This feature alone is worth more than the price of the plugin. For example; when a user searches for ‘the best earphones’; they are more likely to click on a result about ‘ beats by apple ‘ which takes them directly to Amazon. Google earns billions from doing it. Now you can also do it.
  3. Ajax Search. When your visitors click on the search button; search results will be fetched and displayed without reloading the page. This not only speeds up searches but also reduces the load on your web-server. Everyone wins.
  4. Live Search. This one works the same as the above feature except that search results will be displayed while the user is still searching. Please don’t enable this feature without enabling query caching!
  5. Query Caching. When ajax live search fetches search results from the database; it caches them so that the next time someone else searches for the same query they get their results faster. This also means that your will have less load on the server.
  6. Relevance. We use a custom version of tf-idf to ensure that your visitors get the most relevant results to their searches. WordPress search on the other hand uses the post id to rank results. This means that an irrelevant post will rank at the top of the results as long as it was published a long time ago.
  7. Custom Snippets. Custom snippets ensure that the part of the post that is relevant to the query is the one that is shown to the searcher as an excerpt. This allows the user to judge if a result is relevant or not before clicking on it.
  8. Query Correction. This plugin can suggest an alternate query to your visitors whenever they search for something that produces very low results. Please note that this feature depends on previous searches. Your site will therefore need to have lots of them before the query corrections can appear.
  9. Lots of pre-loaders. This are the images shown when fetching search results via ajax. The premium version of this plugin has 10 pre-loaders that you can chose from.
  10. Smart search. We use several algorithms to provide a smart search system to your visitors. For example; a search for builder also searches for building, built, build and builds.

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