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Saves Search Logs

This plugin shows you the most popular search terms on your blog. You can then use this data to produce new content or for keyword research.

Sponsored Results

Optionally enable sponsored results and earn money by displaying relevant affiliate links above your search results.

Ajax Search

Speeds up searches by displaying search results without reloading the page!

Live Search

Just like Google; you can use this plugin to display search results while the user types.

Faster than light

Ajax Live Search is lightweight and caches search results to reduce your serve load. It's faster than the default WordPress search even on large databases.


Unlike other WordPress search plugins; this plugin ranks search results based on relevance and gives you complete control over how relevance is calculated.

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Just works!

Finds way more relevant search results than the default WordPress search. The best part is that I don't have to manually manage the search index like I did with other plugns. Everything is automated!

I can also download my search logs as a csv file and then import them into Google's Keyword tool to come up with content ideas and keywords.


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