Ajax Live Search plugin for WordPress.

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Ajax live search

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Payments are handled securely by paypal. In addition; you can try out the free version before upgrading. Please contact us if you have any pre-sales quetion.

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Query Logging

Your user's search terms are saved so that you can use them when researching for new content ideas.

Query Completion

Your users get query suggestions as they type. Suggestions can be fetched from Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, previous searches or post titles.

Ajax Search

Speed up searches by displaying search results to your users without reloading the page.

Live Search

Users see search results while they are still typing. Works best when query caching is enabled.


Search results are 80% more relevant than the in-built WordPress search

Query Caching

Users get search results at the speed of light, with no extra server load on your part

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I'm I not getting any search results?

There may be a couple of reasons why you are not getting search results but the most common ones are:-

  • Posts are still being indexed.
  • You have published less than 4 posts.
  • Your search terms are made up of stopwords only.

All of the above reasons can be eliminated by enabling WordPress search fallback.

Why are searches taking to long to load?

Either upgrade your host or buy the premium version of this plugin and enable query caching.

Why is ajax search functionality not working?

For ajax and live search to work; you need to make your theme compatible. Please checkout the getting started page for more information on how to do that.

Is there an affiliate program?


Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds if within 30 days of purchase you discover that a given feature does not work as advertised.

Does the plugin support WooCommerce search?

Yes. The premium version of this plugin works with WooCommerce straight out of the box.

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